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Electric Scooters? Whats That?

Portable Traveling Machine

Zoom around in style, electric scooters are the new "in" thing around the world. Manual kick scooters and bicycles are a thing of the past, meet the next generation of electric excitement

Zip around the neighbourhood, go to the park, meet a friend, travel to work at speeds up to 40km/h. Designed with cutting-edge technology that powers the turbo motor. It is fun, powerful, convenient and will change the way you travel

Travel faster with the foldable, fast & powerful electric scooter in singapore. Try out our electric scooter, electric bicycle and kick scooters in our shop. Free test ride for all walk-in customers in our shop. Our trained technicians will answer any enquiries you may have regarding electric scooters. Experience the thrill of the new generation of personal transportation device today!

  • INFINITY Electric Scooter


    Shop Now >. Truly revolutionary, the latest 2016 INFINITY Electric Scooter has pushed the boundaries for portable personal transport technology. Find out why :

    Brief Highlights:
    • Made of aircraft grade Carbon Fiber with reinforced steel joints. Weighs just 7kg
    • Powered by Advanced Motor Technology. Smooth and silent acceleration up to 25km/h
    • High-capacity Battery System with 18650 Lithium Ion cells from Samsung. Travel up to 20KM on a single charge.
    • Smart LCD Backlit Display. Shows your speed, battery life, mileage and time. Multiple speed modes + Electronic decelerator
    • Ultra-bright front LED lights: Signature design, lights up the path ahead at night for safety
    It makes commuting something to look forward to every day


  • E-FORCE Electric Scooter

    Full Info

    Balancing speed, power and portability, the E-Force Electric Scooter has set the benchmark for portable transportation tools

    Brief Highlights:
    • Air-craft grade aluminium, weighs only 15kg yet able to withstand up to 120kg
    • Go from 0 to 4m/s in under 10s. Reach up to 35km/h with its German brushless motor
    • Up to 30km in a single charge
    • 5 foldable mechanisms, bring on to public transport
    • Built-in shock absorption, smart LED display, 3 speed modes, front light, rear light, horn, support stand etc.
    Engineered with precision, good for both leisure and work



  • The Airwheel

    Full Info

    The most innovative and award-winning travelling tool. Compact, foldable and versatile, ride over various terrains with ease.

    Brief Highlights:
    • High performace motor accelerates up to 20km/h
    • Holds up to 120kg without compromise
    • Lasts up to 30km with a single charge
    • Takes only 60mins to charge, weighs only 11kg
    • Battery indicator, front lights, easy switches, etc
    Lots of technology packed in a compact device. Self balancing mechanism makes it easy to ride and a super fun toy. Best alternative to electric scooters

  • Blueice Electric Bicycle

    Full Info

    Excellent build quality, powerful motor and long-lasting battery. Ready for the road, the Blueice Electric Foldable Bicycle is packed with features to ensure maximum comfort & safety

    Brief Highlights:
    • 300W brushless motor does all the work for you.
    • Easily foldable up to 1/2 its size
    • Speed adjustment, shock absorption, dual disk brakes, battery indicator
    • Sturdy high-carbon steel able to withstand up to 150kg
    We recommend the Blueice Electric Bicycle for anyone who wants a sleek and effective transportation tool to travel faster. Limited stock available. Get Yours Now: Blueice Electric Bicycle
  • EVO Pro Electric Scooter

    Full Info

    Combining speed, power and portability into a beautiful travelling machine that’s easy to use and reliable for all situations. From the American brand that you can trust.

    Brief Highlights:
    • Cutting-edge super quiet chain motor, up to 30km/h.
    • Easy foldable design for carrying and storage
    • Sturdy build quality, maximum weight capacity of 88kg
    • Removable seat to use the scooter in standing position
    We recommend the EVO Pro Electric Scooter for anyone who wants a fun toy or a powerful and reliable walk-replacement tool for daily use. Limited stock available. Get Yours Now.
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How to Choose Your Electric Scooter

Ideally, your electric scooter should be tall enough for your height and wide enough for your feet but shouldn't be too large such that it is no longer portable.

Check the dimensions of the electric scooter, the handles should be above your waist and the stepping board should be able to comfortably accommodate your foot.

While some prefer a smaller and more compact electric scooter for easy carrying and storage, others prefer large ones which has more power
Speed is crucial for an electric scooter. The normal running speed of an average human being is arounf 6mph or 10km/h. Take that as a guide, anything below that might be a little too slow.

However, too much speed can be dangerous, especially on roads.

A comfortable range would be 15-20km/h where you can feel the power of the electric scooter as well as maintain control over the speed.
Electric scooters usually do not come cheap since they come under the high-end gadget category.

The price of an electric scooter can range from 400 to 2400. The bulk of the price can be attributed to the brand. Premium brands charge a premium while "brandless" escoots are more affordable.
Depending on the manufacturer, some scooters come with 6-12 months warranty while others can be extended to 24 months with additional charge.

Warranty is important if you plan to use your electric scooter very frequently. Many things can happen on the road.
If you're planning to travel long distances with the electric scooter, you might want to look for one with a robust battery.

Battery life and charging time are both vital factors that affect the user experience.
Electric scooters in Singapore are getting smarter. If you're planning to use your scooter daily it would be helpful if the scooter comes with additional features such as:

1) Smart LCD Display
2) Front/Rear Lights
3) Seat
4) Horn
For a travelling machine that is capable of high speeds it is crucial that safety features are in place. They commonly comprise of:

1) Disc, Drum or Electronic brakes
2) Brake lights
3) Safety gear such as helmets
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