The Airwheel

The Airwheel

Most affordable and economical electric scooter

Some Awesome Features

Airwheel Demo

The Airwheel is a compact yet powerful travelling tool that is used by thousands of people worldwide.

Many use it to commute to work, to cruise the streets and also as a toy that is extremely fun to play with. The Airwheel is built to last. A high capacity lithium ion battery powers the machine for up to 30km. Yet it takes only 60 mins to recharge the battery. LED indicators notifys you when battery is running low.

2 front LED lights is installed to light up dark streets when travelling at night. The extra large 16 inch tyres also helps the airwheel handle any terrain.

Weighing at only 11kg, it is small and light enough to be carried with one hand and placed in your back pack.

You can decelerate, accelerate by inclining forward or leaning backwards. Turning left and right can be accomplished by slanting to the direction you want to turn to.

It is super easy to learn and most beginners can master the airwheel in a matter of hours

This product comes with 6 months warranty for exchange against defects.


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Very fun to use and easy to learn, the balancing part is easier than i thought. Authentic quality from


Lovely airwheel from escoot. The battery was able to last quite long and i never had to charge it more than once everyday.


Small powerful and light! The price is also the cheapest in Singapore!

Jie Le

I used the walls to support myself initially but it took me just 15 mins to learn how to balance and control the direction of the airwheel.


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