The most comfortable scooter to ride on. The latest Darknight Scooter comes with improved suspension, bigger battery and a wider deck.....and yes it's LTA compliant

We ship worldwide!

  1. Dual Hydraulic Suspension (2x more comfortable)
  2. Removable External Battery (optional)
  3. Trolley wheels for easier carrying
  4. Unique LED Deck and Rear Lights
  5. Pre-installed Anti-theft Alarm System
  6. Steel Frame holds up to 180KG
  7. Easy 1-Second Folding

Foodpanda/Deliveroo Riders

[Long Range & Heavy Duty]

Daily Commuters

[Comfortable and Fast]


[Powerful and Fun]

  • Motor: 500W brushless motor
  • Battery: 48V Lithium battery
  • Max Speed: Up to 25km/h (within LTA regulations)
  • Max Distance: 10ah = up to 30km, 21ah = up to 60km
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brake
  • Charging Time: 5hours for 10ah, 10hours for 20ah
  • Safe Load: 180kg
  • Gross Weight: 20kg for 10.4ah
  • Product size: 115x120x18.5cm
  • folding size: 115x45x18.5cm
  • Front wheel & rear wheel: 10 inch inflatable rubber
  • Frame material: Full steel
  • Special Feature: Alarm system, Deck LED light, front and rear hydraulic suspension, front and rear light.
  • 21ah models come with inner built in 10.4ah and external 10.4ah battery
  • Optional: Add-on seat

A crucial factor in ensuring comfort, the 10 inch air-filled tyres gives you confidence on the road. We only use branded tyres & tubes (CST) that is durable & long-lasting 

Smooths out bumps on the road so effectively you feel like you're riding on air

Lights up the road ahead, also has a built in horn to ensure utmost safety

Perfectly positioned right in the centre of the tip of the deck so as to absorb maximum impact. You'll notice the difference when riding long distance

Stay visible even on the darkest roads. The patented blue rear light is paired with the red brake lights to give the Darknight E-scooter a unique look

Intelligent backlit display shows you critical information of your ride, including: speed, distance traveled, battery level,  time.  

Switch between 3 different speed modes (Slow, Medium, Fast) with just a tap of the "MODE" button

Carry onto the train or bus with minimal effort with our patented folding mechanism and custom made trolley wheels. Folding can be done in 1-second, with your foot or hand.

Travelling long distance? Enjoy the luxury of having a cushy thick padded seat on your Darknight E-Scooter. And if you ever need to carry goods, fret not, there's an option to install a rear rack

A popular choice among foodpanda/UberEats/Deliveroo riders, the external 10.4ah battery doubles the travelling distance of the DK scooter

Total range = up to 60km per charge!

You can also pre-charge multiple external batteries at home, swap them in whenever you need to travel further.

It is also easy to remove and charge, so you dont have to drag the entire scooter to the charging point.


An incredibly useful feature if you want to park your scooter temporarily.

Press the lock button on the remote to turn off your scooter instantly. No one can turn it on until you unlock it. The alarm will sound when someone tries to move your scooter away.

SG riders can ride in peace because our Darknight E-Scooter complies with LTA's Guidelines 100%.



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