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March 19, 2015
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August 27, 2016
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Electric Scooter Buying Guide

They aren’t just speed fixes or ways to get around for teens or young adults, electric scooters are real transportation solutions for those who don’t need a large vehicle just to do their daily errands or to get from A to B. Buying your first electric scooter can be an intimidating experience if you’ve never owned anything on two wheels before. Consider these tips before you get started on your search for purchasing your first electric scooter.

Popular Electric Scooters

First thing you should ask yourself is who will be potentially riding your electric scooter. If it’s just yourself, then the rest of the decision-making will be easy. If you expect other passengers to ride it regularly, consider what type of build you want to have for your electric scooter. Lighter, easier to handle scooters will be made largely of plastic, but they will also be more susceptible to damage from accidental drops or minor accidents.

The build quality of your scooter is very important, as needing to take your scooter in for repairs can cost you a lot of money at specialized scooter repair shops. If you intend on buying a scooter for your teenager, you should be looking at electric scooters made specifically for kids, rather than beginner-level scooters at scooter shops.

Electric Scooter upkeep

To expand on the last point about buying scooters for kids and adults: electric scooters that are found in places like Toys’R’Us are often much easier to maintain and are made for casual usage, while regular full-size scooters require more attentiveness and responsibility.

The batteries that come with kid’s scooters are not as strong and don’t hold a charge as well, made for a few hours of usage and needing at least twice as long to charge them. Also, most toy scooters have built-in batteries that may not be swapped or upgraded, while adult scooters allow for more freedom, depending on the manufacturer.

Another way to also research the longevity of an electric scooter is by confirming if it has genuine chrome plating to prevent rust and increase durability on its most vulnerable areas. Scooters tend to fall down unexpectedly, whether you’re careful or not, having that extra layer of protection helps.

If you have chosen a full-sized electric scooter, learn as much as possible about what you can do to maintain the engine, any moving parts, and especially the braking system. You’ll probably have change the brake pads a lot less often than a car, but you never want to have your brakes fail on a vehicle that leaves you so exposed.

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