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Electric Scooters – Pros and Cons

Wish to relish a memorable ride? Well, get an Electric Scooter. It doesn’t matter where you’re, alone or with your loved ones, you can always rely on an electric scooter and have a memorable journey. It’s, actually, a miracle of design and beauty. People, and especially children, from all walks of life, use it for several purposes; some use it for professional work, while others use it for relishing a bohemian lifestyle…

At first, when the inventors introduced the electric scooter project, they didn’t know that it would create a huge impact on the world, and people would use it on the massive scale. But, now, they apprehend the actual worth of electric scooters especially in Singapore, after seeing that it’s not only for fun, and perceive that they’ve something in their hands which can move the millions. It’s basically not only for kids, but for adults as well; some adults even believe that it’s, indeed, a great form of fun, which injects a young blood in their veins; they can use it in the street, in the parks, and on the roads; they can even use it for visiting friends and have those rides which they can remember for the rest of their lives.

Electric scooters are actually plug-in electric vehicles; they’ve a step-through frame with normally two or three wheels, and use electricity to push those wheels forward. Besides, its electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery… Although, there are numerous companies who are planning to manufacture these electric scooters, and in fact many of them have already started producing them, but there are some good ones in the market that keeping these scooters demand high and luring consumers on a striking range. For instance: Razor, Fuzion, Super Turbo, Egret, X-Treme and etc.

If you’re pondering purchasing an electric scooter, it’s better to utterly perceive the pros and cons of this product, so that you can decide on your own that how you can reap its full advantage, and whether it’s a right product for you or not. Though, there are a few cons, but in front of its benefits, they’re almost nothing. Its benefits always waters down its minor cons and impel people to buy it – instantaneously.

Electric Scooter Pros

One of the main advantages of electric scooters is that it’s immensely affordable operating them. And, it’s true. It costs less than a penny to ride a mile on them; if you would operate a gas-powered vehicle, it would cost even more. Furthermore, if you add the insurance, registration, maintenance, license costs and other expenses, you can imagine the overall expense of a gas-powered vehicle… According to U.S. government figures, if you add the price costs of driving and maintenance, it would cost you around $0.54 per mile, which is a lot more expensive compared to an electric scooter cost.

Next, even if you aren’t living near your office, electric scooter is still a great option. Its batteries allow you to travel around 20 miles on a single charge. If you feel that the battery can expire, you can bring along an extra charger and charge the battery while you’re at work. And, don’t worry regarding the parking issue. Almost all places allow you to park electric scooters; there are in fact a few places where you can enjoy riding them indoors.

People who constantly utilize electric scooters commented that they’ve reduced their stress level, as these scooters facilitate them in numerous ways. In addition, they don’t need to shell out their money in order to refuel it again and again. They also added that it’s immensely easy to operate them, since all of the electric scooters use standard electrical safety components, such as, circuit breakers and fuses to protect the riders; they also include intelligent safety features, such as automatic power cut off to secure the stored electricity of the battery… Also, unlike gasoline, there is no explosive danger associated with the batteries.

Since electric scooters aren’t considered as an actual vehicle, therefore, you don’t require any special kind of license of insurance; you can legally ride an electric scooter anywhere and wherever you want.

If you love nature, and if you’re an environmental conscious person, you’d be glad to know that electric scooters have a positive impact on the environment, since they don’t burn fossil fuels, and they release no harmful carbon either. Now, of course, power plants indirectly produce carbon dioxide to charge the batteries, but by using electric scooters, instead of automobiles, you minimize the damage that could be done to the environment. And, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, you not only reduce pollution and improve air quality, but also limit the effects of global warming, as one special person.

Electric Scooter Cons

Electric Scooters have speed limits – around 20 mph, or even less. Therefore, don’t expect to reach your destination like a flash. Though, you can avoid other obstacles like traffic jams, and etc. But, generally, it would still take longer to reach the destination… They’re actually built to travel limited distances, so don’t expect to move from cities to cities… I know, what I’m saying, but it’s true; some people truly ponder this question.

Apart from this, these scooters might be one of the best ways of travelling, but you’ll be less protected against the harsh weather and bad road conditions; you might be able to operate the electric scooter in the rain without getting shocked, but you’ll still get wet without extra protection. And, depending on your location, you may not be able to use your electric scooter in winters at all.

Concluding Thoughts

Ride this electric scooter; it’s made for all ages. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll always glean the most beautiful and laughing moments. Even if you’ve a lavish car, you can’t have that fun which an electric scoot offers. Kids use it for fun or for going to school; parents ride it for enjoyment, for embracing the cool and pleasant breeze, when they come back from the tiring work. And, grandparents! Well, you can imagine what they can do!

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