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Electric Scooters – Top 4 Professional Brands

The green way of commuting – Electric Scooters – are booming their business these days. People of all ages are favoring them and buying them, over and over, for their kids, and for their own professional use as well. In recent years, their reputation is advancing tremendously and earning everyone’s attention. Especially, the children are rather excited about them; they can even slay a dragon in order to have an electric scooter as their new toy…

“Small, Handy, and So Useful” – that’s what attracts the consumers. However, regrettably, most of the consumers consider that all electric scooters deliver the same purpose, which is, of course, not true. These scooters are in diversity; they’re in numerous brands. And, they’ve several purposes as well. Therefore, in order to secure you from baffling situation, I’ve arranged top 4 professional brands for you which are rather reliable and earn top ratings as well. If you’re dealing with one of these following brands, let me assure you, you’re dealing with the right ones, as they earn the praises 24/7.


“Great! Here is my money…” You can say this, only if you’re buying the razor brand. It’s one of the most premier and professional brand in the industry of electric scooters. When we canvass this brand’s lot, we realize that it has a million-dollar variety, and it’s offering the e-scooters in almost every shape, color, and feature.

Typically, it comes with 8 inch tires for a smoother ride, top-notch chain driven motor, full size frame, firm throttle, and hand operated rear brake. Besides, its weight is often between 35-40 pounds, which is an added bonus, and good news for those who’re a tad heavier and elders. Apart from this, according to most consumers, the battery life of Razor Brand is rather excellent and outperforms its competitors; it allows you to have at least 45 minutes of continuous fun. If you’re thinking about visiting a friend, or buying something from a grocery market, this is for you!

X-Treme Scooters

X-Treme Scooters brand is a tad different from the Razor brand. They’ve specific varieties, but they perceive how to lure the consumers through it. Mostly, this brand has a full suspension and a removable seat – you can adjust the seat according your height. That’s why, it helps the seniors and girls as well on a grand level. In addition, the best thing about this X-Treme Scooter is that its speed is rather amazing – around 23 plus miles per hour.

If you don’t want to insert the key in your vehicle for a short distance, over and over, then this is a great option for you; you can do your small outdoor work with a blink of an eye… Next, unlike other popular brands, it has aluminum mag wheels, oversize tires, which facilitate you to even ride it on the rough and patchy roads. Though, overall, this brand is great, but some of the buyers believe that the electric scooters of X-Treme work best if you’re on the flat road, but if you’re pondering the uphill drive, it could lose its speed.


eZip by Currie Technologies provide the perfect toys for children in the form of electric scooter, and they’re challenging their competitors in the market rather well. If you’re planning to buy an e-scooter for your kid as a gift, you can rely on Currie Technologies. eZip has numerous top-notch models, such as: E450, 500, E4.5, Nano, and etc.

All of these models do a first-rate business and satisfy the customers’ need of fun as well. Generally, when we canvass this brand deeper, we feel that it’s attempting to become an authority in the business of e-scooters by seriously focusing on the details.

The customers of it often label it with “The Most Versatile Electric Scooter.” And, they’re rather right about it. Since, its top speed is around 18 mph, and has an eight mile range. This is spectacular, but that’s not all. The powerful motor of 500 watts boosts its battery life and offers 200 cycles… But, all in all, these things are just the tip of an iceberg, it has numerous outstanding features that impel it’s consumers to say that Currie Technologies only speak affluence and develop the greatest electric vehicle; they give them 5/5 ratings all the time.

Super Turbo

Have you ever heard about super electric scooters? I hope you haven’t yet, at least. We live in an advanced age, and Super Turbo brand perceives it well. Therefore, it offers the super e-scooters and speaks louder than its competitors, when it comes to quality and design. But, the hitch is, it speaks high price as well. The products of Super Turbo are rather expensive; they’re around $500, however, deliver quality as well; they, in fact, do more than their power to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Currently, they’re offering their scooters in three basic colors – red, green, and black.

But, all models have almost same specifications. For example, the e-scooters of the Super Turbo have heavy duty 1000 watt motors, which can facilitate it to hold up to 250lb rider on a flat terrain. Apart from this, its speed beats all the other prominent brands; if you’re on it, you can relish around 26 mph speeds and turn the long distances into short ones. This is probably the reason why Super Turbo brand is not only popular among kids, but also accepted among the adults too.

Concluding Thoughts

The difference between a great e-scooter and a good e-scooter is a difference between lightening and a lightening bug. Since, there are details which matter. If your neighbor is relishing some specific brand, it doesn’t mean you would relish it too; you need to analyze your demands and opt for that one which meets them. Similarly, if you’re buying the electric scooter as a gift, keep your kid’s state of mind in your mind.

Does he prefer high speed? Does he need safety? Would he like to drive on the seat? Is he planning to go to school on it? Pondering these questions would assist you to choose the right brand…

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