Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

1Are electric scooters allowed in Singapore
Yes, electric scooters are allowed, however use of electric scooters is limited to certain types of roads.

There are currently no LTA approved electric scooters. However, electric scooters have become extremely popular in Singapore. We are still in the process of appealing to the authorities to allow for official regulation of electric scooters.

Currently as long as you ride safely and avoid riding in crowded areas there's virtually no issues at all (as you can tell from the increasing number of electric scooters on SG roads)
2Where are your electric scooters from?
Electric scooters is a complex machine and its parts typically come from different parts of the world.

For example, the g-force and erv electric scooter's motor come from Germany and tyres from malaysia.

Electric scooters are typically assembled in countries like China and Indonesia with a few assembled locally.
3How do I choose an electric scooter?
Depends on which factor you are most concerned with.

They are: size, speed, warranty, price, battery.

You can check out our blog for tips or the electric scooter buying guide on our home page
4What's your warranty/refund policy?
The warranty covers defects that are not caused by negligence (E.g. the motor stopped working without exterior damages).

However, if theres obvious dents or damages on the product due to misuse/accidents, we are unable to cover for that.

Under warranty, our technician will perform repair services for free. The repair usually takes 1-2 weeks. If repair is not possible, we will provide a new product. The warranty period varies for different product. You can check the individual page for the warranty period.
5What are the payment methods?
Currently our default payment method is cash upon delivery.

However for higher-priced items you can opt for bank transfer upon order confirmation.

We will only proceed with delivery once payment is confirmed for bank transfer

Technical Questions

1Why are some electric scooters so much more expensive than others?
Some electric scooters are more expensive mainly because of its brand and the country of origin.

Also, the quality of materials which the electric scooter is made also affects the price. E-scoots made with alumnium and alloy would definitely command a higher price than those with plastic bodies.
2Are the electric scooters' battery removable?
From what we know there isnt a model available that has removable battery (all batteries are rechargeable). Pretty much like iphones, the batteries are built into the body of the electric scooter.

Therefore, charging it requires you to bring the scooter to your charger.

Since many electric scooters are foldable, we believe that wouldn't be a problem for most people.
3Can electric scooters be carried onto trains and buses?
Yes, we have seen many people do that, however, only foldable ones are recommended as you might be stopped by the staff if you carry in an unfolded scooter.
4What's the average lifespan of any electric scooter?
Depending on how often you use it, some electric scooters can last up to 5 years without maintenance, on average it would be around 2-3 years.
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