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March 10, 2017
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How to Safely Use an Electric Scooter in Singapore

Every vehicle has its safety and risk features. While the risk features are quite less when it comes to electric scooter, it is still important that you know how to use that electric scooter safely so that you can be properly safe at all times as well. Whether you just bought one electric scooter for yourself or have been gifted one, knowing the safety is important at all times. Hence these ways to safely use an electric scooter are given below

Look for The Booklet or Visit the Website/Store

Each manufacturer has its own safety rules which are sometimes not available in booklets or are lost. This is why you can visit the store or their designated website if it not found within your package.

Stay Solo or Know It All

These electric rides have mostly been made for solo enjoyment which can be fun for group riding only once in a blue moon but having something carrying or dragged like a sledge or something through attachments is the most dangerous thing you can ever do to yourself so be aware that you refrain from it.

Use the Safety Gears

Equipment like helmets for this purpose then there is definitely a reason behind it. Therefore, taking such unnecessary risks isn’t a good thing to do and must not be breached as well.

Follow the Laws

You should be well aware of your social responsibilities as a biker and know all the skills needed for curving, braking, accelerating, turning while in traffic and know all the different rules that are applicable to such vehicles.

Be Familiar and Master It Up

It is important to know of the basic movements and the traits of riding an electric scooter safely by knowing about its parts as well as controls in addition to braking as well. Sudden braking in the case of obstacles, emergent circumstances, uneven riding etc., should also be mastered well so that there is complete safety ensured.

Learn About Special Occasions

It is important that you are perfectly well aware of the special areas and the special skills that are required with reflexes of an electric scooter beforehand in order to deal with the real life situations that can happen during accidents, traffic jams, weather anomalies etc.

Know The Slips

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