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November 15, 2014
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What You Should Know About Kids Electric Scooters

Nearly everyone has childhood memories of riding on scooters. Like most things, they have evolved significantly over the years and can be found in many variants today. There are gas scooters, electric scooters, and so on. The electric scooters have become a popular choice with kids, particularly teenagers, in recent years because of the different designs, features and inexpensive prices.

The electronic scooters provide many benefits. Some of these include being:

  • More convenient to use: These types are portable, small in size and hence more convenient to store. They come with batteries that you can recharge through a general power outlet.
  • Environment-friendly: The electronic types are pollution-free, which means they don’t emit any fumes or smoke.
  • Noise-free: When riding these scooters, they will be practically noise-free. They also have more simplistic design and are less prone to malfunction or breakdown.
  • Usable by individual of all ages: Although the electric scooters are targeted primarily towards kids and teens, they are also very popular among adults. This is because they are especially useful when they are visiting popular places such as department stores and malls with packed parking lots. One can carry the portable scooters in a car and then ride it to the different places from the parking lot to save time and energy.
  • Extremely affordable: When compared to the gas scooters, the electric type will cost about ten percent less to operate. In addition, the rechargeable batteries are can last for fairly long and they come with six to twelve months warranty.

Features and Components

Every electric scooter comes equipped with sealed, rechargeable lead acid batteries. The battery capacity and power varies with the individual designs, but are typically full size with 12 volts, 12 amps. The basic types use one battery, whilst the slightly advanced models with more power have a combination of two or three.

The batteries are completely rechargeable, each with an average lifespan of about 300 charge cycles. When fully charged, the battery will last for about seven to eight hours on average and can go for about ten to fifteen miles depending on the riding speed, road surface, and the rider’s weight. Depending on battery capacity and power, the electric scooters can go at top speeds of about 25 mph, so they are enjoyable and safe for kids.

Some of the advanced scooters are now comes with accessories such as headlights, alloy wheels, turn indicators, front fenders, as well as storage boxes. Some companies are also adding more modifications for the scooters to look like super bikes, pocket bikes, dirt bikes, and so on. This means that you can find more sophisticated and sleeker electronic scooter for kids.

The components in these scooters are usually built-in rechargeable battery, front braking system, electric motor, belt or chain drive, speed and battery power indicators, battery security lock, handlebar with accelerator throttle, and rubber or plastic tires.

Overall, the modern-day electric scooters for kids can provide immense pleasure and enjoyment for riders of all ages.

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