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August 6, 2017
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September 22, 2017
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Most Popular Electric Scooter Brands in Singapore

Do you want to save gas money? If the answer is positive, stay while we tell you how to do so with the most popular electric scooter brands.

Thanks to advances in battery technology and the rising appeal of personal electric transport in basic, there’s been a lot of renaissance going on. In a world where you can get cool, however, super-expensive toys like the brand new mini Segways and electrical unicycles, it is refreshing to have something as easy as an electric scooter.

Why you need an electric scooter

Among the primary reasons why you should have an electric scooter is because you will be making a beneficial contribution to the world. Besides saving gas money, you will be protecting the environment as well. In times when pollution is the main subject on daily basis, it is necessary and extremely advised to ensure that we do not contribute to this damage of the planet. Also, you will be able to avoid traffic when heading to work.

Electric Scooter Properties

As mentioned before, the electric scooter does not need gas and instead works on batteries. This means that it will not be noisy, or it will leave heavy dark gas in the air.

• It actually depends on the model, but some scooters do have a seater and also a small box for leaving your things. Students, as well as office workers, find it extremely handy because they get fast to work and don’t have to carry a bag in their hands the whole time.

• You don’t have to contemplate a lot relating to parking if you are on a scooter. You can easily place it on the side of the road and lock it. Currently, with the rising population of automobiles, it is difficult to find a parking location, especially if you are living in a dense city area. In reality, some places don’t even enable you to park the car until you don’t pay them. For this reason, the best way to run away from all these inconveniences is if you own an electric scooter.

Popular Electronic Scooter Brands/ Models

The market is wide open and different versions of an electric scooter appear from time to time. The whole purpose of this article is to point out which models are affordable, great and will serve you a long time. Take a look at the list, and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

Inokim Electric Scooters

Inokim has definitely made some quality and modern scooters. They are stable, with wide kickboard ensuring a comfortable positioning even when you are striking top speed. In spite of this strength, it is pretty fast off the mark, though it can be a little tough if you tried starting in 3rd gear. The 36V battery means it can deal with slopes pretty remarkably. The typical version can take a trip to 25 km. on one charge, while the extended battery will take you on a trip to 35 km.


Speedway electronic scooters are truly amazing. The manufacturer has updated the motors and put BLDC HUB one that provides stability and silenced driving. Also, the Max 1,600 W makes the torque absolutely powerful. There are also other features which you can enjoy, and these are mentioned on the chart.

Jack Hot

Called the world’s lightest carbon fiber electric scooter, the Jack Hot scooter is a great option for those who are looking for great portability. These scooters have LED panel that provides power, speed and mileage. Likewise, they have air free cushioned tire and long lasting battery.

The electric scooter weighs no more than 6.3 kg and achieves25km/h. In terms of convenience, it is less shock absorbent, meaning you will not feel the bumps along the road.


Maybe your electric scooter does not appear on the list, but it does not mean that it is less important. Simply, the list was made to point which are the most popular scooters and their performance characteristics. If you are also satisfied with other brand, don’t forget to share it with us, because sharing is caring.

Thanks for reading.

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