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November 7, 2014
Rise of Electric Scooters
November 15, 2014
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Electric scooters don’t have a huge presence in America, at least not in comparison to Asia or part in Europe, but their momentum in the market is undeniable. Electric vehicles, in general, are taking foothold. Harley Davidson, for example, is about to break their silence and produce their first entry to the electric motorcycle. The future looks good for electric transport, let’s take a look at some electric scooters on the horizon.


This Kickstarter success story is one of the most popular electric scooters coming soon. This electric scooter stands out due to its unique way of solving the problem with carrying cargo with the rider on the limited real estate of most scooters. The makers at Lit Motors have designed the Kubo with a 22 inch square space in the middle of the bike’s frame. It’s definitely winning points on the sci-fi vehicle scale and its ability to get around, with a top speed of 45mph, a charge range of 50 miles, and the ability to recharge to full in 2-3 hours.

The Be.e

This electric scooter is a much more humble and green-focused project. Offering flexible options for enthusiasts and casual riders. Its top speed is also a modest 36 mph while carrying up to 209 lbs of total weight. What sets this electric scooter apart from others is its list of economical features like a zero-emissions powertrain, bio-friendly construction materials, and a system set in-place to promote a scooter-sharing rental service for those who just need to get around town, but wouldn’t necessarily get enough usage out of purchasing a scooter outright.

Bizmo II

Lastly, here is a scooter to set the bar for commercial electric scooters, which place importance on the range and durability. This scooter expands on both, putting its distance on a full charge at an impressive 93 miles and excellent build quality you would expect from its Japanese manufacturer Terra Motors.

As electric scooters gain more popularity globally, more competition will arrive and more research will be put into improving technologies. Things like lithium-air batteries are being developed to one day be implemented into electric vehicles. This is a technology that replaces the traditional cathode with a system that uses air to conduct electric current, thereby greatly decreasing the overall weight and size of the battery. Exciting future on the horizon for electric vehicles, but don’t wait until the craze catches on in the States, start looking to purchasing your first electric scooter now.

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