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E-Force Electric Scooter

A force to be reckoned with

All The Amazing Features You Need

5 foldable mechanisms, built-in shock absorption, smart LED display, 3 speed modes, front light, rear light, horn, support stand, etc.

Some of its cutting-edge features

Strongest and Lightest Material

Built with air-craft grade aluminium, the E-Force weighs only 15kg yet is able to withstand up to 120kg

Turbocharged Speed & Acceleration

Go from 0 to 4m/s in under 10s. Reach up to 35km/h with its German brushless motor, operated through a simple thumb-throttle

Upgraded Battery Life

Up to 30km in a single charge. Thats enough to travel from the north to south of Singapore. Takes just 3-5hrs for a full charge

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Summary of All Features


  • Sturdy construction - full-body aluminium
  • Easy to carry - fold-lock mechanism + light weight (15kg)
  • Rubberised contoured handles
  • Thick cushioned leather seats (Removable)
  • Built-in shock absorption smooths out bumps on road
  • Thick rubber tyres for front and rear wheels
  • Adjustable height for a perfect fit
  • Ergonomic thumb-throttle
  • Low noise from motor -  quiet and peaceful ride
  • 350W high performance, strong torque motor reaches an aggressive 25-35km/h 
  • Compact German brushless motor
  • Super fast acceleration (3s to 10m/s) 
  • Up to 20 degrees slope climb


  • Upgraded Lithium Ion battery
  • 20-30km range per charge (depends on road conditions and user's weight)
  • 3-5 hrs charging time
  • Free 6 months warranty



  • Back-lit LED Smart display: shows speed, battery indicator, speed mode, mileage, etc.
  • 3 different speed modes for easy cruise control
  • Spring-loaded thumb throttle
  • Built-in front light and rear lights
  • Built-in horn
  • Sturdy metallic kick-stand
  • Responsive drum brakes ensures safety

Price: $688 (U.P. $1776)

30 units left

1. LED backlit display

2. Disc brakes

3. Horn + front light switch

4. Adjustable height knob

5. Scooter neck

6. Folding catch (to activate folding mechanism)

7. Front LED light

8. Folding lock

9. Front mud guard

10. Shock-absorption spring

11. Front inflated tyre

12. Built-in battery

13. Charging port 

14. Kick stand

15. Brushless motor

Free Removable Seat

Easy Folding Mechanisms

Sale Price: $688 (U.P. $1776)

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6 Months Warranty + 

Free Delivery (within 2 working days)

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A:  You can fill up the form on this page, our representative will contact you to arrange delivery. On the delivery day

     the delivery man will also contact you before delivery

Q: Whats the order process?

A:  You can pay via cash upon delivery

Q: How do i make payment?

A:  Yes, you can choose to ride the scooter while standing, the seat can be folded downwards. If you want to remove

     the entire pole you can also do it by removing the 4 screws on the platform

Q: What if i dont need the seat, can i remove it?

A:  The warranty covers the motor, battery and electronic parts. You're eligible for a free replacement if any of these 

      parts malfunction during warranty. We do not cover damage due to crashes, accidents, stolen units.

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A:  Nope, the e-force electric scooter comes fully assembled, including the removable seat


Q: Those the e-force electric scooter require any assembly?

Mr Wong, Verified Buyer


I guess I love this scooter so much, because I'm exactly the target audience: a commuter who needs something for "the last mile or so" to/from work. I ride this 2km home to train, and 1.6km train to work, then back again. I'm 1.7m, 80kg, and I'll be 50 next year. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Mr Koh, Verified Buyer


This thing is really fun. I commute 2.5km from home to the train station, fold it up under the seat or above on the luggage rack, and then another 2km to my office. It's heavy, but that also helps keep the momentum up when you're under power. I got about 15km-20km on a full charge doing full throttle most of the time. Mileage will vary. The air front tire probably makes a huge difference in the ride, although I haven't tried any other models

Mrs Sundar, Verified Buyer


This scooter has dramatically improved my commute, which is a part of my daily life.

This scooter is so much more convenient than a bicycle. You can take on the train, into your office, or even into a restaurant. You don't need to carry a lock. It handles rough roads well, and it outpaces the cyclists and is more maneuverable around obstacles than a bicycle.

Lin, Verified Buyer


This is an amazing scooter. I have never tried any others, so I can't compare, but I use this every day on my short commute to work. It is SO MUCH fun. Feels like you are skiing on asphalt. 

Probably the best "toy" I have ever bought myself. Battery lasts quite a long time. Enough for me to make 8 trips back and forth to work. Speed is great.


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