Suncolor Kick Scooter

Suncolor Kick Scooter

Not the average kick scooter

Some Awesome Features


The Suncolor kick scooter is tailored for office workers, students, outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a nifty, portable tool to get to places faster.

  • Brand: Suncolor
  • Who is it for: mainly adults, also suitable for kids
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100kg
  • Height: 3 levels (89cm, 96cm, 104cm)
  • Recommended Height: for all from 120cm to 190cm
  • Structure: enhanced aluminium body and deck
  • Wheels: 20cm extra large pneumatic tyres with tremor and noise reduction mechanism
  • Total Weight: 5.5kg
  • Foldability: 90 deg complete foldability + foldable handles
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg
  • Colours Available: black, white

Super Strong and Light

The entire Electric Scooter (neck and deck) is made primarily with enhanced, aircraft-grade aluminium. The only type of material that guarantees a strong and sturdy frame that does not compromise under pressure and at the same time, remain light and portable. It's strong structure means that it is able to hold to use and abuse for years.

Weighing at only 5.5kg, it is able to hold up to 20 times its weight (100kg). Now you can travel around with confidence.

Amazing Wheels

One of the key features of the Suncolor kick scooter is its wheels. Its wheels are 2 times large than most scooters in the market and almost 3 times larger than the previous model.

The larger wheels directly translates into faster speed. With a 200mm diameter, you can whisk along roads and alleys, overtaking even bicycles. The larger wheels also makes it more stable and reduces tremor when going over small bumps on roads.

Besides its size, the pneumatic tyres are also resistant to scatches and attrition, extending its lifespan and giving you a smoother ride.


Patented Shock Reduction

Cruze along smoothly with the patented shock reduction mechanism that is built-in for both wheels. No more worrying about bumps and fissures in the ground.

90 Degree Folding

Turn your kick scooter into a compact, flat object when you're done riding. With a simple twist of the knob, the T-tube folds 90 degree for easy carrying or storage in your car.

Extension and Twisting Lock

The T-tube of the scooter is adjustable to 3 levels, 89cm, 96cm and 104cm. The lock controls the folding and extension, making it simple to fold and extend the scooter.

Rear Brake

A simple and effective rear brake is crucial for safety hence, the suncolor kick scooter has the rear brake and fender is unified into a single feature for extra safety.

Padded Foldable Handles

The handles on the Suncolor kick scooter are covered with premium foam padding for additional comfort. It is foldable as well, to reduce space for storage.

Support Stand

Leave your scooter in standing position with the mini support stand. Loaded with spring for easy retraction.

2 colours available, white and black, pls specify in the "order notes section" (which you will see during checkout) which colour you would prefer. Black will be shipped by default if no colour is specified

Get the Suncolor Kick Scooter for only $129, while stocks last!

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Very good quality, feels like an expensive scooter, definitely worth the price, I weigh 80kg and have no problems using it at all. Good service from the staff when I need clarification for the installation process.

Jovan Lim

Its suprisingly light and easy to carry around. Bought it to avoid morning crowds when travelling to mrt, very good purchase

Wen Wen

Not bad considering the price, better than many manual kick scooters out thers. The padding on the handles are vary comfortable, scooter is very fast too


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