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August 22, 2017
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Why Is the E-scooter so popular in Singapore

The electric scooter is currently the most popular way of getting around the city and Singapore is no exception. Learn more about the e-scooter.

If cars were the modern and most efficient way to get to the nearest place, more and more people tend to use the electric scooter to get to work, or to visit the nearest mall. The e-scooter is not just a modern toy, but it is extremely efficient and cost-friendly tool. Today, find out why the scooter is so popular in Singapore, as well as in other cities around the world.


What is an E-scooter

The electric scooter is similar to the e-board, but it is better in so many ways. While the boards require extreme focus and balance, the e-scooter is more flexible and easy to maneuver. It is built with integrated robotic sensing units to guide based on your center of gravity. If you lean forward it automatically moves forward, if you lean left, it also moves to the left. Isn’t that amazing?

This is as close as you can get to real individual robot transportation. The e-scooter has a compact footprint that is hardly more than the real space you occupy, enabling you to go simply anywhere. Most of the electronic scooters have a decent speed – from 18km/h to 30km/h regardless of just being 12kg.

Is the E-scooter legal

The electric scooter is legal, but it has limited use. While cars are allowed on the roads in Singapore as well as everywhere, the e-scooter has specific paths where it is allowed to be used.



According to LTA, they are permitted on walkways on the top speed of 15km/h or cycling courses at 25km/h. Certainly, there aren’t any speed electronic cameras set up on the pedestrian courses yet, so it depends on your own civic-mindedness to keep to the speed limitations. Only regular bikes and electric bikes are allowed on the roads.

Benefits of the E-scooter

Acquiring your electric scooter can be beneficial if you know the advantages of having one. In return, your purchase of the electric scooter will be based on its advantages over gas scooters.

E-scooters don’t need fuel

One amazing thing about electric scooters is that they do not need fuel. Instead, they have batteries that require regular charging. As an outcome, the electric scooters do not make sounds while in operation. This makes it more comfortable and peaceful to use than others, which will be having all sorts of combustion noises.

Environment – friendly

These scooters are environment-friendly. Their power comes from charging it, and not from fuel, which is typical for other scooters. Instead of endangering the nature, these e-scooters don’t leave gas in form of smoke. This quality makes the electric scooter even fit for the functions of indoor usage.


The charging of the scooter’s battery utilizing electric power has actually made the e-scooter simple to keep in comparison to the expensive rounds you will be making to the fuel station for gas. This has made the electric scooters low-cost and cost effective to maintain.

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